I Wonder What’s Going On?


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By Terri Young

Maureen St. Germain’s book Waking up in 5D  has a big section on how to ask questions – even when you are not in the Akashic Records., She has a wonderful way of getting you to look at how to move along in your life and make things easier. She asks us to change the way we challenge ourselves in a softer and more loving way of being.

Terri Young Akashic Guide

Terri Young

In the 2nd chapter of her book, she suggests we ask “I wonder what is going on” when we lose or misplace things. And, because she used the example of losing keys which I am now looking for, I decided to use this technique to locate them.

I am a skilled Akashic Records Guide. I hear the 11th-dimensional beings called Serendipties. but lately, I have felt rather scattered in my listening skills. I decided to take the time I needed to write down what I was hearing. This allowed me to focus and let go of all the background noise, the “what if” scenarios I was running at the time. This made a huge difference since I obviously was not listening very well when I had asked for the keys in other ways.Writing, especially connecting with your Guides, the Akashic Records or Angels is a wonderful way to “settle down” and hear the message or messages being given.

My asking “I wonder what is going on with my keys”? I heard laughter first. I wasn’t listening again, I was still feeling scattered, remember? I stopped what I was doing and took the time to get my computer, relax with my fingers on the keyboard and get the word document up, and started again asking the question. “I wonder what is going on with my keys”?

Once again, I heard laughter again, and they quickly followed with telling me I did not lose them.They are in HIS pocket, my beloved husband!

You see, since I work very hard to NOT lose things, I was surprised that I did not know where this set of keys was, and I immediately assumed and accepted that I lost them. You can see how easily we immediately go to the default of the next judgment. I couldn’t find them so I must have lost them.

It is so nice to have another easy way of taking care of these little irritations that don’t need to be a stumbling stone in our road.

I highly recommend Maureen St. Germains’ Book WAKING UP IN 5D. Its chock full of these kinds of wonderful nuggets of love and inspiration that will come off the page and become a huge part of your life.

We have all read a book, liked it, put it on the shelf and then moved on. Been there, done that, got the t-shirt kind of book .

Now give yourself a new manual of being that will change your way of thinking, and being.

What are the Akashic Records all about?


We are the Keepers of the Gates of the Akashic Records.

Through Maureen St. Germain


We would like to clear up some misconceptions and some perceptions about the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are a vast domain of energetic imprints much like a movie library. When one pulls data from this place, they are working with reference librarians who are entering the energetic field. They embody this information and then travel to the edge of the energetic field known as the Akashic Records to commune with whoever communes with them.

When did this start?

Since 1978, we have Continue reading

My eclipse experience


The rest of the story.

I was in China for the eclipse, as many of you may suspect. I got back Tuesday afternoon.

Keep in mind, if you’ve ever visited Shanghai, the sky often resembles a gray haze. You don’t see the sun, or even clouds, just gray.  On this day, (last day of level 3 Akashic Records course) and the day before the eclipse (2:11 AM local time) it was particularly sunny.   During the 2-hour lunch break, I had the drapes wide open, to enjoy the sunny day.

pleiades_gendlerAlmost without warning, the room darkened as if it were night and a huge “thundercloud” covered the sky. I got up from my chair to face the window. I could see the edge of the very big, very dark cloud against the horizon, and where it started. It was as if someone pointed out to me,  “see the edge of our ship…”  WHAT? Whose? A Pleiadian Light Ship!

My location

I’m on the 11th floor. Room, 1111 – symbolic especially for me, (11 +11 is the master number 22, my number). From this place, high above most of the city, the change was significant. I asked my guides, “What was going on?” I was told there was an activation portal energy moving in. I was to deliver a message and I received it energetically. Even I did not know what would be the message until it was delivered.

The Message

The message was to teach the students how to build a “ring-pass-not” energy tube/circle around the sun, to limit only “beings of light” entering. (Eclipses historically are known for being portals that beings with “otherwise” agendas have come through.) I put the instructions in an earlier email – without the explanation.

In China

Being on the “other side of the world” they (the 3rd level Akashic Records Students) would be able to do this without judgment or opinion. Their job was to hold the balance for all the lovely human beings of light in the US who were praying for peace and solutions! This was especially important since the eclipse crossed over the USA coast to coast!

Side note:

In addition, for a long time (perhaps for the last 5 years)  I’ve been hearing from the ET’s of the light that they were concerned about “mass hysteria” and “lynch mob” mentality when the “news” came out about all the things “those that were” had done.

An update

About 18 months ago, I started getting another different message, that the energy had shifted, and that the concern (of lynch mob mentality) had been resolved.

Tuesday’s posting on Youtube by David Wilcock – with his interview of Drake was a MATCH for that information. In addition, business and “timing” astrologer, Madeline Gerwick says that this is a match for the astrology of now.

According to Madelyn, the eclipse event, with the large number of people who meditated for disclosure, arrests of the criminals, and the awakening of people across the US with the eclipse to bring about peace and prosperity supports peaceful transformation. I’m highly recommending you listen to David’s video blog. 

As I write this, a beautiful pink cloud – from the impending sunset fills my space.

What can you expect for 5D?

Maureen St Germain

Founder of Akashic Records Guides, Maureen St. Germain—lifelong interest in the Akashic Records resulted in her being granted access to this dimension that has been off limits to most of humanity for millions of years. Widely known for her Amazon.com best-seller, Beyond the Flower of Life she has been sharing knowledge she has gained from her years of teaching meditation and research on ancient truths. Labeled a modern day mystic in Famous Wisconsin Mystics, Maureen is an internationally recognized, highly acclaimed transformational teacher, author and Akashic Records Guide. Insightful, compassionate, entertaining and funny her primary focus is developing tools to support individuals in their personal expansion and spiritual awakening through Trainings, Akashic Records, Sacred Journeys, guided meditation CDs, AroMandalas® essential oils aromatherapy and books.

No More Karma

We’re moving out of the game of polarity into a new game. In 2002 I unexpectedly came upon the mosaic of Archangel Michael with his sword doing a battle somersault. It was on the wall of the Paris Metro station beneath Notre Dame.

As I stood in front of this amazing beautiful art, Archangel Michael delivered a message directly to me. He said that humanity only needs a homeopathic dose of negativity to hold the balance of light.

Light = Dark – equal. Right? No!

How many times have we heard teachers say, “Well if there’s more light then there is more darkness”? Every time I would hear this I would always hold back and not understand. In my own thinking, I could not comprehend that we would allow any more darkness in this world. When you realize the game is changing, you can see why this new information (very little darkness required) would make more sense, because it would make the transition from polarity much easier.

Homeopathic Remedies

In homeopathy, the energetic signature of a herb in the final preparation is so minute that it does not appear to be present in a chemical analysis. I believe Archangel Michael Continue reading

Time Travel with Archangel Michael


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archangel Michael-2086750_1920Lucid dreams are a part of everyone’s life. Mine too! I was in such a dream when I was picked up by Archangel Michael. It was as real and real time – and when you observe yourself talking and questioning in a dream, it’s a lucid dream – because you are having a cognitive experience. I believe in Serendipitous happenings. I believe my experience was inspired after reading Maureen St.Germains’ most recent post about timelines Continue reading



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And how to remove them!

Downloaded directly from the Akashic Records by Zukeyka Castro

Akashic Records Guide Zuleyka Castro

Zuleyka Castro Akashic Records Guide

We come here to experience the understanding of several Universal Laws. Before we are incarnated we make an agreement to have a “veil” or “filter of perception” as part of the human experience that will influence the way we will perceive certain things. But in the time we are living, we are being given the opportunity to be aware of and remove these veils.
Some people don’t even get to realize this. But when we start being aware of the veils, when we start receiving the codes held in the new information we accept, we start dissolving the veils.

Continue reading

Joan of Arc in the Akashic Records

Joan of Arc in a Previous Life

by Sylvia Chappell

Sylvia was certified by Maureen St. Germain as an ARI Guide in 2013 and as an instructor for Akashic Records Level 1 in 2016. She is also a certified Past-Life Regressionist and Reiki Master, wonderful adjuncts to her Akashic Records work in helping you to heal past issues that are impacting your present life.

Her readings touch the heart, clarify the soul’s purpose, and often, when directed by your Record Keepers, serve as the conduit for helpful, healing energies from the Record Keepers, Ascended Masters and Archangels themselves. She is often guided to tone healing energies for you. Toning is one of the most powerful healing energies there is because the tones allow your body to resonate to a new vibration, instantaneously changing who you are and who you can become.


Continue reading




As I was waking up, I heard “We are the Serendipities” Not “A” serendipity.     After taking a huge breath, I said to those that were speaking to me HuH??

Terri Young Akashic Guide

Terri Young

Let me begin with; I love talking about a serendipitous happening, and I love seeing all the steps that it – that wonderful experience- took to get me there. So having a conversation with the Serendipities was a whole new place to be.

I also want to add, that I love the Angels. Continue reading

The Reading That Changed My Life


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Haseena Patel is an author, speaker and girls’ empowerment coach. Her spiritual journey began with the diagnosis of a fibroadenoma in her breast. During Haseena’s quest for spiritual and emotional healing, this growth she had feared became her greatest blessing and teacher. The search for truth in her own life led to her creating a system of healing for others, helping them to find the truth in their own lives and live by this truth. And so, The Truth-Walker’s Journey was born. Reading the Akashic Records is an extension of that journey for Haseena – it is a part of helping others to live their heart’s truth and find their voices through a Divine Connection, the ultimate Source of Truth.

Being A Guide

The most wonderful part about being an Akashic Records Reader is having those magical moments that not only have a profound impact on your client’s life, but transform your own life in a way that you didn’t anticipate at all. It’s as if the Universe has listened to your prayers and found a way to make them true without having to counter your own resistance or lack of belief.

There was nothing significant about September 7th 2015 other than the fact that I was ready. Ready to listen sans my ego. A few weeks before that, one of my fellow Akashic Records Readers had mentioned that she had been going into the records every day to receive Guidance for her own life. Her success was clearly visible, and I was ready to take a leaf out of her book. Continue reading